On Page SEO Optimization

Let Us Do The Technical Work Of Your SEO Campaign

There are many pieces to a local search engine optimization campaign. Many of the pieces involve technical SEO on a website. Technical SEO is the practice of ensuring your website can be crawled easily by Google. As a result of being the largest search engine in the world, Google crawls millions of websites a day due l’article viagra generique magnifique to the nature of the internet. Because of this, your website needs to be search engine friendly. These are little things such as: 

Optimizing your website’s pages (refreshing old content)
Ensuring your website is optimized for local searches
Creating and optimizing title tags, meta tags, and much more

How SEO Team Can Help

Most of our SEO packages cover everything from an On-Page SEO standpoint. Each of our local SEO campaigns contains an extensive amount of technical work done to a website. 

Keyword Research

We’ll help you find the top search terms internet users key in on Google and other search engines.

Image/URL Optimisation

We’ll create ALT text that accurately and succinctly describes your images and increases their discoverability.

Meta Title & Description

The right metadata will improve your CTR (click-through Rate) and provide a strong and clear call to action.

Core Markup & Tag

We’ll Geotag your site using geo meta tags so search engines will associate your business with relevant locations.

Robots & XML Sitemap

We’ll help you create your robots txt file and xml sitemap to give search engines easy access to the deeper pages of your site.

Schema SEO

We’ll manually place page-specific schema markup to increase your chance of getting enhanced SERP display.
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